Welcome to my website! Below is a brief snapshot of me:

Name: Frederick George Davis M.Ed.(known as George)

Born: Preston, Lancashire,1949
Trained: The Harris College, Preston, Lancaster College of Art, Lancashire.
Alnwick College, Northumberland.
Plymouth University, Devon.

Location: Newton Abbot, Devon. 

George Davis has lived in Devon since 1977 working as an artist and teacher of Art. He is married with three children and gained a Masters Degree in Art Education in 2001.He has exhibited widely in the UK since 1974 and has work in private collections worldwide. F G Davis is one of the most prominent contemporary artists in Devon. He retired from teaching full time to concentrate on painting in August 2012.

George Davis, South Devon Artist, Sketching in the Alhambra

Here you can view a selection of my work, past and present. For the sake of simplicity I have grouped my paintings into categories: People, Places, Thoughts & Labels.

Paintings - Portraits Series Paintings - Labels Series Paintings - People Paintings - Places Paintings - Thoughts

I also create varied assemblage pieces from found materials; these are usually more playful, exploratory pieces.

My New Blog

I have started a new blog allowing you a peek in to my day-to-day life, thoughts and experiences.

Charity Auction

I submitted four works measuring 20 x 20 cm, to the Hospice Care Auction, at The Gloss Gallery in Exeter, held in December 2012, with profits to the charity.

Featured Piece: 'New Directions 1'

This painting used the technique of recycling previous work to collage into a new piece. It takes typically textured and coloured elements and re-configures them to arrive at a fresh vision of where they should be. From the past the future emerges.

Featured Image - Where the river flows

Artist's Statement:

Since 2007 I have mainly concentrated on short phrases or 'oneliners', things heard and overheard, platitudes and truisms, phrases seen, read and often taken for granted. 

These works are wistful and completive, aimed to pose questions rather than provide answers. There is a sprinkling of irony and the occasional hint of pathos, even the odd touch of wit about them.

The use of lettering on the works forms a bridge between the materials and the concept; sometimes these elements live in harmony with each other and occasionally contrast with the dictates of the pictorial elements.

The use of heavy textural effects, using collage of torn and cut fabric, paper, card and other materials, is a way in which the substrate can interact with the successive layers of application providing actual as well as illusions of depth.

I see these recent paintings as 'starting points' which feed and react with the imagination through the combination of sensory and cerebral responses.

To explain it more succinctly, the words don’t just sit on the surface, they form an integral part of the composition and help you to take a journey into your own store of memories and associations.