My assemblages are significantly different from my paintings in that they mainly constitute a lighter look at life. Titles may give this away: "007", "Elvis", etc.

Most pieces use found objects and are constructed to hang directly on a wall or be free standing. I enjoy the task of discovering alternative uses and interpretations for industrially produced and obsolete things, together with the process of construction itself.

"Heroes and Harleys" (After Janet Mitchell), 43x45cm, mixed media, 2007

Most artists I know are incurable hoarders and just as my paintings include personal found objects so do my assemblages. In that sense the documentation of the experience of the day to day finds its way into the body of the work and gives each piece a hidden history which is unique.

My major influences here are Picasso and Kurt Schwitters though the colour is similar to the sculpture of Miro. These pieces are by definition quirky and idiosyncratic, ‘even touching on humorous at times’, and often depict figures from popular culture or from the imagination.

"Woman with earing", 139x23cm, mixed media.

"32 Man", 50x31cm, acrylic on wood, 2000

"Barcelona Woman",180x48cm, mixed media, 2001

"Dolly Bird",52x14cm, acrylic on wood, 1999

"Mother and Pram",147x53cm, mixed media, undated


"Party frock", 51x16cm, mixed media, 2000

Materials and colour still play a significant role in their appeal and they offer me the opportunity to produce accessible images which provide a complementary echo for my mixed media output.

Prices range from £100 to £1000 and are available on request.

"The hand of God and the donkey", 38x32cm, mixed media, 2000

If you are interested in my current assemblages, please do not hesitate to email me directly:

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"007" 60x15cm, mixed media, 2000

"Barcelona Man",167x48cm, mixed media, 2000

"Dancer",167x48cm, mixed media, 2000

"Elvis",58x15cm, mixed media, 2000