This section is split into categories grouped by my influences:

People Category - The Meeting, 2001


This category houses pieces that either depict people or that are influenced by people. These might be specific people or people in general.

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Places Category - Mila Roof, 2007


A substantial amount of my work is influenced by places, mainly abroad in France and Spain. Not all pieces within this category show places as such, but are created by such influence.

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Thoughts Category - The Wedge, 2007


Thoughts, feelings, words, a song, a phrase... Anything can inspire me to paint, and they're all in this category

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Labels Category - National Brut, 2010

Labels Series

These works capture the excitement and banality of our purchases, from the designer label to the everyday supermarket necessity. Corporate identities permeate our existence in subliminal ways, and to a large extent we are known for what we buy...

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Matchbox Series - Swan

Matchbox Series

This series, began in 2013, incorporates collaged matchbox covers with paint and mixed media. These works hope to take the iconography of everyday commercial graphic design and reinterpret this with contemporary colour and composition...

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New Directions Series 1

New Directions

This series of works, began in 2013, uses collaged elements from several sources, e.g. previously painted canvas, paper or card, to make pure abstract compositions. If themes have subconsciously emerged during the process then these are inevitably referenced in the final piece...

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New Directions Series 1

Portraits Series

This series was started in 2011 and uses a combination of collage and paint on card to take a new look at the genre of portraiture.

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Published Work - Mother and Child, 2007

Published Work

All published works to date.

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Private Commissions - Bali 2008 - Family Group

Private Commissions

Various works which are obviously not for sale, showcased in this category.

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N.b. All works are sold on stretched canvas / unframed. All works are P.O.A. Please contact me if you have any enquiry, live outside the UK or have any specific delivery requirements.