Whipton Barton Nursery and Infant School, Autumn Term Art Project 2013
Visiting Artist/Teacher: F G Davis

The brief - to work with students across the whole school.

To develop their understanding, appreciation and skills in the visual arts. An underlying requirement was to increase the interest, enthusiasm and involvement of boys in the creative process. Though the brief involved the teaching of skills and competences it was always underpinned with the introduction of critical and contextual information. This innovation was specifically chosen to increase the relevance to National Curriculum requirements for KS 1&2, but also to inform students of the relevant aspects of context of art and design which fashion the development of current practice.

The brief encompassed the current theme of 'Cars and Transport', in the first Half Term, which was used as a starting point for all the planning for this project. The second Half Term was planned to address ‘Traditional Tales’.

Knowledge and use of the primal elements are important pre-conditions and have been isolated in each starting point in the programme. Critical links have been introduced throughout in order to develop understanding of the work of artists, and develop the ability to respond to these through formal and informal discussion and art practice.

F G Davis, January 2013

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Below, group work on movement painting

Below, logo designs

Below, trees and pop art work

Below, photomontage frieze