Whipton Barton Junior School Exeter, Mural project January 2013
Visiting Artist: F G Davis

The brief - to complete a 16 x 4 foot mural in four afternoon sessions, to decorate a grey stone external wall. Nine gifted and talented students were selected to work with Mr. Davis, one from each class in the school.

The project started with a power-point presentation introducing the students to the work of five modern artists: Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Terry Frost and Robert and Sonia Delaunay. The task was to respond to four areas outside the school: the picnic area, the bike sheds the climbing frame and the garden area.

Working from four photographs of each area students were asked to abstract the main features of their location, and translate these to an arrangement of colour and shape. As with all such projects changes must be made at every stage, student wishes and abilities, the choices taken together with the developing demands of the overall composition, all played a part in the final solution. A balance needed to be struck between individual interpretations, available skills and the group’s co-operative vision.

Hopefully the final mural gives credence to these divergent factors and provides a result which satisfies all concerned.

F G Davis, January 2013

Students who produced the mural:

  • Stacey (3MO)
  • Brody (3ST)
  • Elisia (3CH)
  • Chloe (4MX)
  • Charlie (4NA)
  • Katie(5AU)
  • Kean (5MI)
  • Ethan (6GU)
  • Fraya (6BN)

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Below, studying photos

Below, painting starts

Below, F G Davis instructs

Below, adding the finer details

Above, the completed mural